Monday, 24 December 2012

A Holiday Message

This is going to be my first Holiday Season with Momma and Cracker. And I want you know I am very happy.
Things started out pretty rough for me in this home. I had a broken leg and couldn't run and play. I had to go to the vet every week to get my bandages changed. I had to endure the first grooming I had in a long time and learn the rules in a new home.
Sometimes I would get really sad and think about all the fun I used to have before my leg got broken. I felt like I was always on the sidelines watching while everyone else was having fun.
But, Momma kept telling me that life wasn't always going to be that bad, and she was right. Slowly, little by little things got better. My leg was declared officially healed, I was spayed and vaccinated and trips to the Spa for grooming became fun.
Cracker and I became great friends and as much as I complain about him, he really means the world to me. I love it when I curl up next to him, he is very cuddly and has nice soft fur.
I met alot of people too. I've been to hockey games, pet stores, lots of vet offices (haha) and I even met Santa Claus! I went to school and learned how to be a better dog ( I was already good lol).
I've been on holidays, met family and lots and lots of dogs (and some cats). I live in the forest & get to go walking there every day. I get trips to the beach quite often too.
I've had many jobs this year. From backhoe operator to surgeon, I've tried it all. I chase rabbits out of the yard & I've even chased a couple of deer. The rabbit leave blueberries behind for me and sometimes I get to snack on one or two before Momma tells me "Leave It".
I write two blogs & I have an advice column. I have my own Facebook Page. It's been a pretty good year.
So, why am I telling you all this? Well, because I think it's always good to remember that no matter how bad things may seem, time will pass and things will change. You just have to be patient and trust.
You can trust anyone or anything you want; it doesn't matter who or what, you just have to believe things will change.

Happy Holidays everyone. Celebrate whatever brings you joy. Look for the good in everyone and everything.

Love your friend Muppet xoxo Yip, yip!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Living & Loving Life

Well, it's been awhile hasn't it? I haven't been doing much though.

Momma was on holidays again, but we didn't go away this time. Instead we stayed home Momma did something called "cleaning from top to bottom". I have no clue what this was all about, I just know that it really bugged me. I would get comfy somewhere & she would make me move. Doesn't she know who I think I am?
We had a dog stay here overnight for a sleepover. Her name was Honey, but now it is Charlee. She went to live with my friend Miss G. I'm so happy for everybody in that story. Miss G has a dog of her own, Charlee has a family of her own...It a win/win!
Cracker has been ok.
Now, I have really big news! Are you ready? I got a job!!!! Yup, I sure did! I am working in the Community Relations Department of Victoria Adoptables. I'm the official dog blogger. I'm going to talk about alll kinds of things like responsible pet management, health, training, diet etc. I'll also keep everyone informed of upcoming fundraising events and give updates on past adoptions. I'm very excited. So in order to help with my new position I have been set up with an email address is where you can find me. As well as my two Facebook pages Muppet Rescue and Ask Muppet.
I'll still be here though..I just have too much to say haha

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Bird Brain

I've told you before that I have to share my house with a parrot. His name is Michael P Grey. Momma says the P stands for Parrot & Grey cause he's grey. I just call him Bird Brain. Momma loves him a lot and if you ask me spends more time with him than I think is's not like he's a poodle or anything. This is what he looks like.

Mike knows how to talk. He can really speak over 600 words and in several different voices. He also knows some words in Spanish & French. His favourite things to do is sing songs. He can sing Katy Perry, Tony Bennett, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Barry Manilow and a whole bunch more. He can even sing Soft Kitty (from the Big Bang Theory).
He also likes to talk on the phone. He make beeping sounds like he is dialing the phone, then when his imaginary friend picks up he'll start asking them questions. Then he says good-bye, hangs up and calls somebody else. Here is a link to his videos on youtube.
Mike Sings Katy Perry
He knows his name...he says "My name is Michael P Grey" and then he'll say "Mickey is my mom". He knows his phone number and how to spell Momma's last name. He knows all the names of his favourite foods and will ask Momma for what he wants. He says "Do we have any strawberries" or cherries, or bananas etc.
I don't really like Mike very much. He bugs me. He's always telling me "Muppet Sit", "Muppet Down",  "Muppet Stay" and he NEVER gives me a treat. Then he'll ask me "Wanna go in the car"? Wanna go to the beach?" And again, no car ride, no beach...he can't even drive!
Then sometimes...he'll throw food on the floor and he says "Hey Dogbreath...clean this up". And I do. He doesn't have very good food though.
Anyway, I have to go now. Momma says we have errands to run. I don't know why she says that...we never run, she always drives the car. Happy Saturday Everyone!! Love you xoxo