Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's now been 2 months since my surgery. I'm recovering nicely & getting stronger and more brave every day. My foster family loves me & I love them. Please watch for a very special blog post I'm working on. It'll be going up this weekend. Thanks to everyone that has helped me on my journey. I really appreciate it.
This is me with The Big White Giant. He loves me too.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

I have 4 bones, an elk horn, the monkey AND it's his bed! I AM The Princess Butterfly! He's so upset he put his ear on backwards in protest. Hahahaha...Sucka!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Happy Sunday Everybody!!

Things have been going pretty good. My leg is healing nicely, I am getting stronger everyday. I'm officially 1/2 way through my healing process. Yesterday Momma and I went to someplace called Duncan. I met 2 new friends named Don & Millie. They are humans, but friends just the same, and very nice. In fact, most of my friends are human. Momma says that will change as I get healed though. She seems pretty trustworthy, so I'll believe her.
Well, I've been for my walk in the forest, had my brekkie, tended to my social media pages & now it's nap time. Later Gators!! xoxo

Friday, 22 June 2012


Yesterday was my vet appointment. I needed to get my booster shot, a deworming pill and another vaccine called Bordetella. So, the booster was a needle, the dewormer was a pill, but then the Bordetella...guess how they get that into you? They put it in your nose!! WTH?? I'm sorry, I try not to use bad words, but seriously? Are you kidding me? Definately not a fan! I felt kinda violated. Definately not the way anyone should treat the Princess Butterfly. It really makes me wonder how many other ways those Drs have get stuff into you. Please don't tell me.
The good news? Well, I won't get kennel cough (Yay!) and next year it'll be a needle too. (not so much with the yay).
Momma says that there are diseases out there that want to hurt dogs, sometimes even (gulp) kill us, but vaccines protect us from them. Kinda like an invisible shield or superhero cape I guess. Sure glad I'm protected from these diseases.
I have to go back next month for a Rabies vaccine and then I am good to go for a whole year. I'm getting something called a microchip next month too. Momma says that if I ever get lost a microchip will help me find my way back home. God only knows how they'll get that in there.
I went for a big walk again this morning. We walked very slowly so I could use my bad leg most of the way. I feel stronger everyday and I heard Momma talking about a trip to someplace called The Beach? I sure hope I get to go & not just the Big White Giant. He always smells so weird when he comes back from there. Makes me wonder what kinda place it is & what goes on there.
The road to recovery has been a long haul for me, and I still have a very long way to go. But Momma says I am stronger now and can go socializing a little bit more. I am very small and sometimes when I think of what is ahead, I get a little overwhelmed. But with the help of  Carol from Victoria Adoptables and all the people she put in my life to help me I know things are going to be OK.

I am even happy that I have the Big White Giant. I have learned alot from him and I really like it when he lets me curl up with him for a nap.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Big Morning!

Well, it was a big morning for me so far!
The place I live is in the country. Our yard is really big (5 acres) Some of it is grass, but mostly it is forest. We go for a walk in the woods morning. Momma says not only bears go in the woods. Because of my bad leg Momma usually carries me to the woods & I walk the rest of the way to the back of the property & then back to the grass again. Today I walked from the house all the way into the woods & back to the house. Momma kept me on my leash, but it was so cool!
The grass was a little bit wet and it felt nice on my toes. Momma says I have to start walking a bit more so I can keep getting stronger and use my leg more. I use it all the time in the house now & I'm starting to use it outside a little bit more.
Momma did tell me something yesterday that made me sad. Momma said Liana & Ashley from Posh Paws were moving far away & I would only see them a couple more times before they left. I feel sad & so is Momma and Cracker, but Momma says that we shouldn't feel sad cause it's always a good thing when people move forward in life & get to live their dreams. So, for that reason, we are happy for them. I'll sure miss them though.
Momma says I have to go see the vet tomorrow. I need to get my booster shot & my bordetella vaccine. Yup, growing into a big dog :) They'll likely use a cat syringe on me again as I am so small. I didn't start meowing after the last time, so I'm sure it'll be ok.
Well, that's my big morning so far. Hope yours was good too. xoxo

Here is a picture of me & my pal Cracker having our brekkie...Gosh he's big!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Say good-bye to the weekend

I had a great weekend, well mostly great. On Saturday Momma took me out shopping. I only have one coat that fits. And, as I am very small, I have no body fat and I get cold easily. Momma and I went to 3 different stores looking for clothes. Nothing fits, it's all too big.
I had fun at the stores though. Everyone wanted to pet me & talk to me. I met a black dog that seemed like he was scared of me, lol. Me? I mean really, why would anyone be scared of me? Too funny. Momma said maybe he didn't like redheads.
The part I didn't like was trying clothes on. Getting my head shoved through neck holes and my legs being put through holes. Who designs this stuff? Clearly they aren't very good at it. All I need is a velcro thing underneath my belly & one around my neck. Not all the holes, that's just silly. Anyway, enough whining.
When we got home, the Big White Giant was happy to see us & he ran up & down the hall for awhile. He likes to do that when he's really happy. I don't know why.
Sunday was a real lazy day, just lounging around. Momma was doing something she called laundry and housework. I like it, cause I get to sit on her bed and watch as she does the folding. She threw a washcloth on my head and I got it off right away. Then I shook it lots & lots and let her know a washcloth was no match for me.
Momma, Cracker and I sat in the window and watched a deer in the yard today. I know Momma doesn't like them, so I barked at it and it ran away. It feels good to help around the house when I can.
So, I'm learning stuff! I know to come when I am called and I know Sit. I am so happy I have Momma and Cracker to show me the ropes. And I am very grateful to Momma Carol at Victoria Adoptables for saving my life. And thank you to everyone that reads my blog, likes my Facebook page & follows me on Twitter. I couldn't go through this alone.
Here is a picture of the Big White Giant and I having a nap.

Friday, 15 June 2012


Well, let me tell ya, my day started off rather oddly. It was normal up until breakfast. Momma usually puts yummy canned food in with our dry food. Today I didn't get any! Neither did the Big White Giant!
She put our food down and we went to our dishes. Right away I could tell something was awry & so could Cracker. We looked at each other in disbelief, then looked back at Momma. She didn't seem bothered by it at all! I ate mine anyway & so did Cracker.
Momma said I was only getting canned food because I was too thin & needed the extra fat. I've put a little weight on, so I don't need it anymore. Hmm, I just don't know what to think. Oh well, she seems trustworthy, so I'll believe it. Also, supper was served the same way. I don't really care, just feed me nutritious dog food & I'm happy.
Then I went to the Spa! Liana wasn't there today, so Ashley had me all to herself. She seemed to like it. I know I sure did :) I had my hair done, got my nails done and Ashley even put bows in my hair. But, just like last time, I had one taken out before we even got home for Momma to get a picture.
Ashley told Momma she used special shampoo on me that promotes hair growth. I like that, I could use a little length on my coat.
Cracker was there too. He really seems to know his way around this grooming thing. I'll keep watching what he does and I know one day it will be normal for me too.. Oh, and I'll kiss Ashley & Liana every chance I get. They seem to like that.
I met a HUGE White Giant there today named Alice. She is so pretty, but absolutely huge! I mean, really big! Not fat, she is just tall. Momma said she was a standard poodle. I don't know what that means, but wow, she sure grew a lot bigger than me.
Ashley & Momma said that they would take pictures of us together one day. That'll be fun!
Ok, so that's it, my day is done. I'm gonna go sofa surf for awhile & look at my pretty toes. Goodnight xoxo

Here is a picture of us after our Spa day. I feel loved.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Don't Mess With The Muppet

Hahaha...the big white giant thinks he's so cool. Well, he's no match for me :)
Remember when he blinded my teddy? Well, I was patient and plotted my revenge. Momma took me for numerous trips outside yesterday, but I did not poop. Late last night, she tried one last time. I faked her out cause it was dark & she couldn't see what I was doing.
Then I came in the house and pooped in Cracker's bed.
Blind my Teddy & think you'll get away with it? I don't think so :)

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I'm back!!

Hi everyone, I'm home! Momma and Cracker (AKA The big white giant) came and picked me up on Sunday. I had so much fun at Shelley's house. I had an ocean view, great roomies & lots of toys. I even got to bring a new one home :) It's a pink bear that I love, but I think Cracker was jealous, cause he promptly stole him and blinded him by removing his eyes. I don't care though, he's still my bear and I love him.
I fell in love on vacation too :) His name is Jumper and he is a really nice boy. He was sweet and kind to me and I hope to see him again real soon.
While I was on holidays, I still had to go see my Dr, so Shelley took me. And guess what? I got my bandage removed! Yay Me!!
Momma took me to see Dr Stacey yesterday & she looked at my x-rays. They all smiled and said I was healing very nicely. my Dr. said I had to re-build some muscle in my leg and that is my focus right now. So, walks in the yard, healthy food, regular grooming and love is my current health care plan.
I still have to have surgery on my knees, get some dental work done & get spayed, but Momma & the Dr said that can wait til the end of summer.
On the way home from the vet we stopped and picked Mike (Momma's parrot) up from his holidays spot. Mike teases me. He barks at me, then when I bark back at him, he tells me to be quiet. I'm just gonna start ignoring him soon, but he does throw treats on the floor for me. I know they are there, cause he says "Hey Dogbreath, clean this up". I think he might be offering them to The Big White Giant, but if I'm nearby, I'm taking them. Afterall, he did blind my teddy right?
Momma told me I am going to see my friends Liana & Ashley at Posh Paws Pet Spa on Friday & that this time Cracker would be coming with me. I can't wait to see them; they are so nice to me & I love to give them kisses while they do my hair. She said I could go see them every month. Until I moved here, I never had my own hair stylist, and I gotta admit, it's pretty cool. I get a shampoo, blow dry & a trim. They even give me a little pawdicure haha.
Well, everyone, that's all my big news for now. Thanks for reading my blog, but most importantly, thanks for helping me on my journey. I didn't have a very bright future until I came into rescue and now, all that has changed.
Here is a picture of Jumper & I on date night.