Sunday, 29 July 2012

She Wasn't Mad

Haha, I can be so silly sometimes. Turns out Momma wasn't mad at me after all. Not even for a minute :)
While I was still pouting Momma told us to get up, we were going to the beach!
So we went for a walk at the Whiffin Spit. It was so nice & I met more dogs and people. I love it there. When we got home Momma put us on the bed and her & I had a little talk. Well, she talked I listened.
She told me to relax, that she wasn't angry at me and never was. She told me that she would never get angry with me, or scold me. She told me that sometimes she might be disappointed in the things that I do, or in the way that I behave, but she would never be angry. She also said that she knew that sometimes I would be disappointed in the things she does, but that what it is like when you are in a family. We don't always like the things that others do, but we always love each other.
Wow! That makes me feel so much better :) After that I fell asleep on the bed as Momma scratched my belly. All is well. I hope all is well for you too.

Momma took this picture of me at the beach last night.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Busy Day & Now I'm Pouting

Well, Momma and I went and did some stuff today that was fun. First we went to Diamond Dogs. It is a doggy daycare and grooming place downtown. There was a bunch of other dogs & people there and some of them even said they knew who I was because of my Facebook page & this blog. I feel like a rock star.
There was a nice lady there named Jesse from Chasing Charlie Pet Photography . From what I overheard her & Momma talking about I guess she took some pictures of The Big White Giant. He is going to be in a calendar? Hmm, that has nothing to do with me, so I don't care. She was really nice and she took some pictures of me.
Then we went to see Momma Carol. Momma told me that there were 5 little baby puppies at Momma Carol's. She said they were almost as big as me & they weren't even one day old. I didn't get to see them though as thier Dog Momma isn't ready for them to meet anyone yet.
From there we went to see the gang at PetSmart in Langford. I didn't get to stay very long though.
Truth be told I wasn't really acting like a lady. I was barking and not listening to Momma. You all remember that Rule Number Two says "I must always behave like a lady". Since I've been spayed I am going through some hormone surges and it is making me Ka-Razeeee. I know it'll settle down in a week or so, and Momma knows that too, but it's going to make for a long week for everyone.
So my behaviour didn't get any better after we came home. I barked and Momma put me in time out, I left time out & barked and Momma put me back. No matter how many times I left my time out and started barking, Momma kept putting me back. She never said a word, just came over got me and put me back. Again, and again and again. Eventually I stopped barking.
I don't think she's mad at me. I hope not. I don't want her to be mad at me. I'm a dog and all we want to do is make our people happy. I think I will just stay here til she tells me different.

I really don't like it when I want to be the boss & Momma says she is the boss. Then I pout.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Catching Up!

Well, hi there! I haven't been writing much while I recover from surgery so I have a few things to catch up on.
Well, the big news is that Penny went to her new home Yay Penny! When you first come to Victoria Adoptables you have to have a "Glam Squad Makeover" This is where a group of people all team up to get us ready for our new homes.  Each person has a specific job to do, specific to their area of expertise. This usually includes a foster home, a groomer, and a vet's office (at least twice).  Once we are finished, Momma Carol tells the internet that we are ready for a family. People send in an application and they are visited in their homes. They are interviewed and every detail is confirmed so we get only the best homes and so that the match is a good one for everybody. Then the people visit us, play with us, walk us and make sure we all get along. We get to meet their other pets too. Then, if everyone gets along we go to our new homes. Here is a picture of Penny with her new Momma on moving day.

I think they look perfect for each other.

Other than that, I just been hanging out, recovering from getting spayed. I'm sure glad that's done.  I have been filled with energy too. Every morning when we wake up we all go for a walk in the forest that is in our yard.

Here Cracker found something sniff worthy and I came in to see if I wanted to sniff too.

He is always sniffing at something, maybe he thinks he's a bloodhound?

I mostly like to look at stuff.

I like big mutts and I don't know why.

Then we run back to the house cause it's time for breakfast.

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Hi everyone! I'm just checking in. I was spayed yesterday, so I'm enjoying a lazy day while I recover. We'll chat soon. Mwah! xx

Thursday, 19 July 2012

What A Weird, Wonderful Day...

Ok, so yesterday Momma told me she has a surprise for me and that I would get it today. I was so excited. We did our usual morning and then just her & I left the house. I had her all to myself :)
Then we went to the vet? WHAT?? This is no surprise! I mean, I have a great time there, but I'm there so often it's really not a surprise. I got my rabies vaccine and Momma booked me in for my spay surgery. Yup, that's it long uterus! No babies for me, I'll keep my girlish figure and provide a few more homes for the dogs that are already born.
I saw Dr Joe there today. I hadn't seen him since I still had my bandage & he is really nice too. He'll be doing my surgery tomorrow.

Here is a picture of me with part of my medical team at Sooke Veterinary Hospital. I asked Dr Joe to join us in the picture, but I guess he's camera shy lol...

Then we went to some other place I had never been. Momma gave some guy the key to our car amd we sat on a couch. She read the newspaper and I waited and watched as everyone walked around looking busy. I waited & waited, but no surprise. Some guy came over and talked to Momma for awhile and they seemed to know each other. He played with me & cuddled me & then he left. Then we got back in our car and drove away. If that was my surprise, Momma needs to learn how to give better surprises.
Then we went for a drive...and I finally clued in! We went to see Momma Carol!! That was my surprise! I was so happy to be at her house again. I could show how nice I looked in my new hairdo and how I could walk on all four legs now. I saw all my friends that welcomed me to her home when I first arrived and I was so scared. It was such a great visit. There was a new dog there too and I didn't even have to tell her, she already knew that things were gonna get really good now :) Just when we were leaving her husband Dave came home and I got to see him too! I'll never forget my early days at her house. She saved my life.  Yup, Momma was right, it was a great surprise.
Then, just when I was sure the day couldn't be any better, Momma and I went and got something really delicious. It's called ice cream! You should try it! It's so cold & sweet & good. Momma only gave me a tiny bit, cause I am a tiny dog, but was so yummy.

Then we went to visit Alejandra & the kids for awhile and came home. It was a great day. I love having Momma all to myself :) I'm going to bed now, my surgery is tomorrow. I can't wait to get rid of this silly uterus. Why did they even put in in there?
Good night everyone...I love you xx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Good Sad News!

So everything has been going on just great this summer. Trips to the beach, trips to the spa, some days, just being lazy on the deck.
Penny moved in with us and has completed her Glam Squad Makeover. If you don't know, a Glam Squad Makeover includes a spa treatment and a trip to the Dr for a checkup and shots and then surgery to make sure we can't reproduce.
Last night all of us had a family meeting. Momma put all of us on the bed & we had a talk. Well, she talked, we listened.
She said that Penny was going to be moving out. She said she was moving to a new home with her own family. It has nothing to do with us not loving her (cause we do), it's just that we are not the family she is supposed to be with. Momma said that Penny's new family had no dog at all, and that she would have lots of love and excellent care forever. It makes us sad that Penny won't be with us anymore, but Momma has proven to be very trustworthy and smart in the decisions she makes for us, so I trust her.
Momma told Penny that she was a very good girl and that she knew she would be a very good girl at her new home too. She said that we still had a few more days together until Penny left. We all kissed Momma, even Cracker and he never kisses anyone. And then we all kissed each other. Momma said we could stay on the bed for a while and we played a little bit & then had a nap.

Here's a picture of us all from Canada Day. you all :)

PS: Momma said she has a surprise for me tomorrow!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Beach Baby

Momma took me someplace I'd never been before. Someplace called The Whiffin Spit. This big bird was in a tree & Momma said he was watching me. Perhaps thinking I might be a good dinner guest? Momma said I could not go, even if invited, And that I had to stay close to her on my leash.
I had fun there though, met lots of new dogs, there was a big group of dogs there all in one pack and 3 of them were Boxers. They were very curious about me and all came over to say hi. They were nice and I liked meeting them.
Then we ran into some friends of Cracker's and it was nice seeing them too. It was a lot of fun there. I hope I can go back soon.
I was getting very hot, so Momma put gently put me in the water so I could get my feet wet & I felt so much better. Cracker went swimming.

Momma said I could not go swimming. I'm not even sure if I know how lol...After my X-rays in a few weeks, Momma said she'll take me to a lake and take me in the water so I can swim. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Momma took this picture of me after that big bird left. Have a good weekend everybody :)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

I Feel Pretty, So Pretty :)

Cracker & I went to the Spa today. Ashley wasn't feeling well, so when Momma came to pick us up she brought Ashley (and Liana) some cookies she made.
Ashley & Liana gave me a new collar! It's pink & white pearls with real crystals! I love it. Momma hung my butterfly charm on it and I am absolutely thrilled. I love being a Poodle, I love feeling pretty. Mostly I love feeling loved. Everywhere I go, people are kind to me. Everywhere I go, people are happy to see me.
Liana mentioned to Momma how she noticed that Cracker watches out for me. He would make sure he kept his eye on me while we were getting groomed. I love him for that.
I make fun of him and call him The Big White Giant sometimes, but he does mean alot to me. He took me into his home when I was homeless and scared. He shares his beds & his toys with me. He shares his Momma and his car and his life with me. He taught me to be brave and how to trust Momma. He shows me how to chase deer & rabbits off the property. One day I hope Momma lets me join in. She says my leg has to finish healing before I can go running around outside.
After Momma picked us up we went to the Vet's Office. And, I didn't even have to see the Dr! Nobody violated me at all. She just took me there to show the girls my new hairdo and so they could cuddle me. I really like those ladies.
It seems everywhere I go people say how lucky I am. I went from a life of not having good medical care, never being groomed and where I was only going be used for breeding, to a life where I seem to have value and purpose just for being me. Nobody ever wants anything from me, they seem to want to give love to me. I like it and I appreciate it.
Thank you to Victoria Adoptables, Elk Lake Vet Hospital, Sooke Vet Clinic, Posh Paws Pet Spa, PetSmart in Langford and absolutely every single human I have met along the way. You have all played a part in my road to wellness & the only way I can thank you is through writing this blog & giving you kisses when I see you.
Here is a picture of me rockin' my new bling and my pretty pink polished toes :) Mwah

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Do y'all remember me talking about meeting Alice? She's a standard poodle. Momma took me over to see her to get some pictures taken.

She is so big! She was running around in her yard & looked like a big white deer or something. So graceful and it was really something to see. After all the exercice she needed a massage.

Then we were watchdogs, watchin' for cats.

She went to someplace called Chicago. I wonder if I'll be big & white someday? Or will I stay tiny & red? I like being tiny & red. Momma likes it too.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Holy Dog! On Friday Momma took me out to do some PR work. We went to PetSmart in Langford and I got to see Mark and all my friends there. They all get so happy when I come in and pet me and let me give them sweet kisses.
All the customers I meet are really nice to me too. Momma had some stuff to do there (she got several ID tags), so we were there for quite a while. We were right by the door so I got to meet everyone and all their dogs as they were coming in & out of the store. I was the official greeter.
It kinda makes me sad sometimes that people have an idea of what I'm like before they meet me. Everyone assumes that I bark a lot. I don't. I always hear, "She's so quiet" or "She's not yappy at all". Truth be known, there was a Beagle in the store that made way more noise than I ever would. Momma doesn't like it when I bark. She makes me sit. I would rather not bark than sit.
Also, some people assume I bite. I would NEVER bite anyone! That's a definate No-No and a clear violation of Rule Number Two.
Rule Number Two is "Always Behave Like A Lady". When I came here, Momma told me I had 2 rules, 1: I must always come when I am called & 2: I must always behave like a lady. I do my best everyday to follow the rules. I do always come when I am called. Sometimes, the acting like a lady is really tough though, lol.
Also, for some reason people seem to think I should be all shaky and nervous. The only time I am scared or nervous is when I am not on the floor standing on my own 4 feet. Momma says God gave me 4 legs and her only 2 so I have to stand & walk on my own. I am quite happy and able to do that :).
It's funny how people have these ideas of small dogs. I can understand why, but I will do my best to make sure I never fit into that stereotype. Momma told me when I moved in I couldn't create any drama and behave in an unruly fashion. Momma says I can be an Ambassador For Small Dogs. I have no idea what that means, but she seems trustworthy, so I'll believe her.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Thursday, 5 July 2012


Today was the best day ever! Momma took us to the beach. I don't remember ever being at the beach before and if you have never been, you should go. Today! It is so much fun.
I saw Momma putting all this stuff in a bag & all 3 of us got really excited. We got in the car and when we stopped we were someplace I had never been.
Momma says now that as my leg is doing so well and I am so much stronger I can go out a bit more. Not too much though.
Momma told all three of us that the first dog that did not come when they were called would be put on their leash immediately. She doesn't fool around with that stuff. It's Rule Number One. We must always come when we are called, immediately. Well, we weren't 500 feet from the car & Penny (my foster sister) was on her leash. The sun was so hot and there were so many nice smells. I saw a crab & it scared me, Momma giggled a little bit & told me I was silly. Then I wagged my tail and wasn't scared anymore.
Cracker found a dead crab & he and Penny rolled in it. I would never do such a thing. Those two are so gross, and they smell really bad after doing that.
I had a great time smelling all the stuff and walking in the sand. I met some kids and they loved me & my siblings & they cuddled me & even got to sit on another lady's lap for awhile. Momma didn't seem to mind at all :)

That's me, going back for a second sniff at that crab...turns out, it was dead too :(

That's Cracker (The Big White Giant). I dunno what his deal is. When he wasn't trying to get as stinky as possible, he was climbing rocks. Maybe he's part goat? That would explain a lot.

And that's Penny. Momma calls her Sparkles a lot too. Too bad she didn't come when she was called, she could have been off her leash too. Maybe next time Penny.

We will all sleep now :)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Momma just told me that people from all over the world are reading my blog. People from Russia, Germany & South Korea. As well as Canada & the US of course :) That is so cool! Thanks everyone. Drop me a line in the comments section to say hi if you like :)
I'm still working on a special post. I have to interview somebody very special & Momma hasn't driven me over there yet. Here I am pretending to be Snoopy.

Goodnight everyone xoxo

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happy Canada Day everyone!

That's adorable me, Cracker and our new foster dog. Momma says her name is TBA.