Thursday, 12 July 2012

I Feel Pretty, So Pretty :)

Cracker & I went to the Spa today. Ashley wasn't feeling well, so when Momma came to pick us up she brought Ashley (and Liana) some cookies she made.
Ashley & Liana gave me a new collar! It's pink & white pearls with real crystals! I love it. Momma hung my butterfly charm on it and I am absolutely thrilled. I love being a Poodle, I love feeling pretty. Mostly I love feeling loved. Everywhere I go, people are kind to me. Everywhere I go, people are happy to see me.
Liana mentioned to Momma how she noticed that Cracker watches out for me. He would make sure he kept his eye on me while we were getting groomed. I love him for that.
I make fun of him and call him The Big White Giant sometimes, but he does mean alot to me. He took me into his home when I was homeless and scared. He shares his beds & his toys with me. He shares his Momma and his car and his life with me. He taught me to be brave and how to trust Momma. He shows me how to chase deer & rabbits off the property. One day I hope Momma lets me join in. She says my leg has to finish healing before I can go running around outside.
After Momma picked us up we went to the Vet's Office. And, I didn't even have to see the Dr! Nobody violated me at all. She just took me there to show the girls my new hairdo and so they could cuddle me. I really like those ladies.
It seems everywhere I go people say how lucky I am. I went from a life of not having good medical care, never being groomed and where I was only going be used for breeding, to a life where I seem to have value and purpose just for being me. Nobody ever wants anything from me, they seem to want to give love to me. I like it and I appreciate it.
Thank you to Victoria Adoptables, Elk Lake Vet Hospital, Sooke Vet Clinic, Posh Paws Pet Spa, PetSmart in Langford and absolutely every single human I have met along the way. You have all played a part in my road to wellness & the only way I can thank you is through writing this blog & giving you kisses when I see you.
Here is a picture of me rockin' my new bling and my pretty pink polished toes :) Mwah

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