Sunday, 29 July 2012

She Wasn't Mad

Haha, I can be so silly sometimes. Turns out Momma wasn't mad at me after all. Not even for a minute :)
While I was still pouting Momma told us to get up, we were going to the beach!
So we went for a walk at the Whiffin Spit. It was so nice & I met more dogs and people. I love it there. When we got home Momma put us on the bed and her & I had a little talk. Well, she talked I listened.
She told me to relax, that she wasn't angry at me and never was. She told me that she would never get angry with me, or scold me. She told me that sometimes she might be disappointed in the things that I do, or in the way that I behave, but she would never be angry. She also said that she knew that sometimes I would be disappointed in the things she does, but that what it is like when you are in a family. We don't always like the things that others do, but we always love each other.
Wow! That makes me feel so much better :) After that I fell asleep on the bed as Momma scratched my belly. All is well. I hope all is well for you too.

Momma took this picture of me at the beach last night.

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  1. You may not know this, 'cause you've only had your person for a little while, but our people always love us. Even when they get upset, they still love us and think we're the best Dogs ever.