Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Holy Dog! On Friday Momma took me out to do some PR work. We went to PetSmart in Langford and I got to see Mark and all my friends there. They all get so happy when I come in and pet me and let me give them sweet kisses.
All the customers I meet are really nice to me too. Momma had some stuff to do there (she got several ID tags), so we were there for quite a while. We were right by the door so I got to meet everyone and all their dogs as they were coming in & out of the store. I was the official greeter.
It kinda makes me sad sometimes that people have an idea of what I'm like before they meet me. Everyone assumes that I bark a lot. I don't. I always hear, "She's so quiet" or "She's not yappy at all". Truth be known, there was a Beagle in the store that made way more noise than I ever would. Momma doesn't like it when I bark. She makes me sit. I would rather not bark than sit.
Also, some people assume I bite. I would NEVER bite anyone! That's a definate No-No and a clear violation of Rule Number Two.
Rule Number Two is "Always Behave Like A Lady". When I came here, Momma told me I had 2 rules, 1: I must always come when I am called & 2: I must always behave like a lady. I do my best everyday to follow the rules. I do always come when I am called. Sometimes, the acting like a lady is really tough though, lol.
Also, for some reason people seem to think I should be all shaky and nervous. The only time I am scared or nervous is when I am not on the floor standing on my own 4 feet. Momma says God gave me 4 legs and her only 2 so I have to stand & walk on my own. I am quite happy and able to do that :).
It's funny how people have these ideas of small dogs. I can understand why, but I will do my best to make sure I never fit into that stereotype. Momma told me when I moved in I couldn't create any drama and behave in an unruly fashion. Momma says I can be an Ambassador For Small Dogs. I have no idea what that means, but she seems trustworthy, so I'll believe her.

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  1. Dear Muppet,

    You are a very small dog, and I am sure you are a wonderful ambassador.

    I have met many small dogs. Some are like you, but many are scared and do big-barks often. The scared little dogs never talk to me, except to yell at me to go away. But the ones who are not scared, who are centered like you are, tell me that their people back them up and take care of them. So you must be living with a wonderful person.

    I can only imagine how scary it must be when everything is so much bigger than you! You truly are a lady-dog. (Even I get scared by big things, and more than ten times your size!)

    My person told me something last night, something wonderful. I am not sure if I am allowed to share it, but she tells me that maybe you won't be a foster dog for too much longer. This makes my tail wag. Happy bark!

    Licks and wags,