Thursday, 5 July 2012


Today was the best day ever! Momma took us to the beach. I don't remember ever being at the beach before and if you have never been, you should go. Today! It is so much fun.
I saw Momma putting all this stuff in a bag & all 3 of us got really excited. We got in the car and when we stopped we were someplace I had never been.
Momma says now that as my leg is doing so well and I am so much stronger I can go out a bit more. Not too much though.
Momma told all three of us that the first dog that did not come when they were called would be put on their leash immediately. She doesn't fool around with that stuff. It's Rule Number One. We must always come when we are called, immediately. Well, we weren't 500 feet from the car & Penny (my foster sister) was on her leash. The sun was so hot and there were so many nice smells. I saw a crab & it scared me, Momma giggled a little bit & told me I was silly. Then I wagged my tail and wasn't scared anymore.
Cracker found a dead crab & he and Penny rolled in it. I would never do such a thing. Those two are so gross, and they smell really bad after doing that.
I had a great time smelling all the stuff and walking in the sand. I met some kids and they loved me & my siblings & they cuddled me & even got to sit on another lady's lap for awhile. Momma didn't seem to mind at all :)

That's me, going back for a second sniff at that crab...turns out, it was dead too :(

That's Cracker (The Big White Giant). I dunno what his deal is. When he wasn't trying to get as stinky as possible, he was climbing rocks. Maybe he's part goat? That would explain a lot.

And that's Penny. Momma calls her Sparkles a lot too. Too bad she didn't come when she was called, she could have been off her leash too. Maybe next time Penny.

We will all sleep now :)

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