Thursday, 19 July 2012

What A Weird, Wonderful Day...

Ok, so yesterday Momma told me she has a surprise for me and that I would get it today. I was so excited. We did our usual morning and then just her & I left the house. I had her all to myself :)
Then we went to the vet? WHAT?? This is no surprise! I mean, I have a great time there, but I'm there so often it's really not a surprise. I got my rabies vaccine and Momma booked me in for my spay surgery. Yup, that's it long uterus! No babies for me, I'll keep my girlish figure and provide a few more homes for the dogs that are already born.
I saw Dr Joe there today. I hadn't seen him since I still had my bandage & he is really nice too. He'll be doing my surgery tomorrow.

Here is a picture of me with part of my medical team at Sooke Veterinary Hospital. I asked Dr Joe to join us in the picture, but I guess he's camera shy lol...

Then we went to some other place I had never been. Momma gave some guy the key to our car amd we sat on a couch. She read the newspaper and I waited and watched as everyone walked around looking busy. I waited & waited, but no surprise. Some guy came over and talked to Momma for awhile and they seemed to know each other. He played with me & cuddled me & then he left. Then we got back in our car and drove away. If that was my surprise, Momma needs to learn how to give better surprises.
Then we went for a drive...and I finally clued in! We went to see Momma Carol!! That was my surprise! I was so happy to be at her house again. I could show how nice I looked in my new hairdo and how I could walk on all four legs now. I saw all my friends that welcomed me to her home when I first arrived and I was so scared. It was such a great visit. There was a new dog there too and I didn't even have to tell her, she already knew that things were gonna get really good now :) Just when we were leaving her husband Dave came home and I got to see him too! I'll never forget my early days at her house. She saved my life.  Yup, Momma was right, it was a great surprise.
Then, just when I was sure the day couldn't be any better, Momma and I went and got something really delicious. It's called ice cream! You should try it! It's so cold & sweet & good. Momma only gave me a tiny bit, cause I am a tiny dog, but was so yummy.

Then we went to visit Alejandra & the kids for awhile and came home. It was a great day. I love having Momma all to myself :) I'm going to bed now, my surgery is tomorrow. I can't wait to get rid of this silly uterus. Why did they even put in in there?
Good night everyone...I love you xx

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