Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Busy Day & Now I'm Pouting

Well, Momma and I went and did some stuff today that was fun. First we went to Diamond Dogs. It is a doggy daycare and grooming place downtown. There was a bunch of other dogs & people there and some of them even said they knew who I was because of my Facebook page & this blog. I feel like a rock star.
There was a nice lady there named Jesse from Chasing Charlie Pet Photography . From what I overheard her & Momma talking about I guess she took some pictures of The Big White Giant. He is going to be in a calendar? Hmm, that has nothing to do with me, so I don't care. She was really nice and she took some pictures of me.
Then we went to see Momma Carol. Momma told me that there were 5 little baby puppies at Momma Carol's. She said they were almost as big as me & they weren't even one day old. I didn't get to see them though as thier Dog Momma isn't ready for them to meet anyone yet.
From there we went to see the gang at PetSmart in Langford. I didn't get to stay very long though.
Truth be told I wasn't really acting like a lady. I was barking and not listening to Momma. You all remember that Rule Number Two says "I must always behave like a lady". Since I've been spayed I am going through some hormone surges and it is making me Ka-Razeeee. I know it'll settle down in a week or so, and Momma knows that too, but it's going to make for a long week for everyone.
So my behaviour didn't get any better after we came home. I barked and Momma put me in time out, I left time out & barked and Momma put me back. No matter how many times I left my time out and started barking, Momma kept putting me back. She never said a word, just came over got me and put me back. Again, and again and again. Eventually I stopped barking.
I don't think she's mad at me. I hope not. I don't want her to be mad at me. I'm a dog and all we want to do is make our people happy. I think I will just stay here til she tells me different.

I really don't like it when I want to be the boss & Momma says she is the boss. Then I pout.


  1. I'm going to be in a calendar too! Just like your Big White Giant. I wonder why you're not? You're very cute...

    But, um, what's a calendar?


    1. I dunno what a calendar is. I'm sure I'll find out soon though. I didn't live with Momma when it was calendar time I guess. It's kinda hard to imagine she had a life before I arrived though. Very strange.

  2. Strange indeed. How did Momma exist without you???