Friday, 22 June 2012


Yesterday was my vet appointment. I needed to get my booster shot, a deworming pill and another vaccine called Bordetella. So, the booster was a needle, the dewormer was a pill, but then the Bordetella...guess how they get that into you? They put it in your nose!! WTH?? I'm sorry, I try not to use bad words, but seriously? Are you kidding me? Definately not a fan! I felt kinda violated. Definately not the way anyone should treat the Princess Butterfly. It really makes me wonder how many other ways those Drs have get stuff into you. Please don't tell me.
The good news? Well, I won't get kennel cough (Yay!) and next year it'll be a needle too. (not so much with the yay).
Momma says that there are diseases out there that want to hurt dogs, sometimes even (gulp) kill us, but vaccines protect us from them. Kinda like an invisible shield or superhero cape I guess. Sure glad I'm protected from these diseases.
I have to go back next month for a Rabies vaccine and then I am good to go for a whole year. I'm getting something called a microchip next month too. Momma says that if I ever get lost a microchip will help me find my way back home. God only knows how they'll get that in there.
I went for a big walk again this morning. We walked very slowly so I could use my bad leg most of the way. I feel stronger everyday and I heard Momma talking about a trip to someplace called The Beach? I sure hope I get to go & not just the Big White Giant. He always smells so weird when he comes back from there. Makes me wonder what kinda place it is & what goes on there.
The road to recovery has been a long haul for me, and I still have a very long way to go. But Momma says I am stronger now and can go socializing a little bit more. I am very small and sometimes when I think of what is ahead, I get a little overwhelmed. But with the help of  Carol from Victoria Adoptables and all the people she put in my life to help me I know things are going to be OK.

I am even happy that I have the Big White Giant. I have learned alot from him and I really like it when he lets me curl up with him for a nap.

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