Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Big Morning!

Well, it was a big morning for me so far!
The place I live is in the country. Our yard is really big (5 acres) Some of it is grass, but mostly it is forest. We go for a walk in the woods morning. Momma says not only bears go in the woods. Because of my bad leg Momma usually carries me to the woods & I walk the rest of the way to the back of the property & then back to the grass again. Today I walked from the house all the way into the woods & back to the house. Momma kept me on my leash, but it was so cool!
The grass was a little bit wet and it felt nice on my toes. Momma says I have to start walking a bit more so I can keep getting stronger and use my leg more. I use it all the time in the house now & I'm starting to use it outside a little bit more.
Momma did tell me something yesterday that made me sad. Momma said Liana & Ashley from Posh Paws were moving far away & I would only see them a couple more times before they left. I feel sad & so is Momma and Cracker, but Momma says that we shouldn't feel sad cause it's always a good thing when people move forward in life & get to live their dreams. So, for that reason, we are happy for them. I'll sure miss them though.
Momma says I have to go see the vet tomorrow. I need to get my booster shot & my bordetella vaccine. Yup, growing into a big dog :) They'll likely use a cat syringe on me again as I am so small. I didn't start meowing after the last time, so I'm sure it'll be ok.
Well, that's my big morning so far. Hope yours was good too. xoxo

Here is a picture of me & my pal Cracker having our brekkie...Gosh he's big!

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