Friday, 15 June 2012


Well, let me tell ya, my day started off rather oddly. It was normal up until breakfast. Momma usually puts yummy canned food in with our dry food. Today I didn't get any! Neither did the Big White Giant!
She put our food down and we went to our dishes. Right away I could tell something was awry & so could Cracker. We looked at each other in disbelief, then looked back at Momma. She didn't seem bothered by it at all! I ate mine anyway & so did Cracker.
Momma said I was only getting canned food because I was too thin & needed the extra fat. I've put a little weight on, so I don't need it anymore. Hmm, I just don't know what to think. Oh well, she seems trustworthy, so I'll believe it. Also, supper was served the same way. I don't really care, just feed me nutritious dog food & I'm happy.
Then I went to the Spa! Liana wasn't there today, so Ashley had me all to herself. She seemed to like it. I know I sure did :) I had my hair done, got my nails done and Ashley even put bows in my hair. But, just like last time, I had one taken out before we even got home for Momma to get a picture.
Ashley told Momma she used special shampoo on me that promotes hair growth. I like that, I could use a little length on my coat.
Cracker was there too. He really seems to know his way around this grooming thing. I'll keep watching what he does and I know one day it will be normal for me too.. Oh, and I'll kiss Ashley & Liana every chance I get. They seem to like that.
I met a HUGE White Giant there today named Alice. She is so pretty, but absolutely huge! I mean, really big! Not fat, she is just tall. Momma said she was a standard poodle. I don't know what that means, but wow, she sure grew a lot bigger than me.
Ashley & Momma said that they would take pictures of us together one day. That'll be fun!
Ok, so that's it, my day is done. I'm gonna go sofa surf for awhile & look at my pretty toes. Goodnight xoxo

Here is a picture of us after our Spa day. I feel loved.

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