Tuesday, 12 June 2012

I'm back!!

Hi everyone, I'm home! Momma and Cracker (AKA The big white giant) came and picked me up on Sunday. I had so much fun at Shelley's house. I had an ocean view, great roomies & lots of toys. I even got to bring a new one home :) It's a pink bear that I love, but I think Cracker was jealous, cause he promptly stole him and blinded him by removing his eyes. I don't care though, he's still my bear and I love him.
I fell in love on vacation too :) His name is Jumper and he is a really nice boy. He was sweet and kind to me and I hope to see him again real soon.
While I was on holidays, I still had to go see my Dr, so Shelley took me. And guess what? I got my bandage removed! Yay Me!!
Momma took me to see Dr Stacey yesterday & she looked at my x-rays. They all smiled and said I was healing very nicely. my Dr. said I had to re-build some muscle in my leg and that is my focus right now. So, walks in the yard, healthy food, regular grooming and love is my current health care plan.
I still have to have surgery on my knees, get some dental work done & get spayed, but Momma & the Dr said that can wait til the end of summer.
On the way home from the vet we stopped and picked Mike (Momma's parrot) up from his holidays spot. Mike teases me. He barks at me, then when I bark back at him, he tells me to be quiet. I'm just gonna start ignoring him soon, but he does throw treats on the floor for me. I know they are there, cause he says "Hey Dogbreath, clean this up". I think he might be offering them to The Big White Giant, but if I'm nearby, I'm taking them. Afterall, he did blind my teddy right?
Momma told me I am going to see my friends Liana & Ashley at Posh Paws Pet Spa on Friday & that this time Cracker would be coming with me. I can't wait to see them; they are so nice to me & I love to give them kisses while they do my hair. She said I could go see them every month. Until I moved here, I never had my own hair stylist, and I gotta admit, it's pretty cool. I get a shampoo, blow dry & a trim. They even give me a little pawdicure haha.
Well, everyone, that's all my big news for now. Thanks for reading my blog, but most importantly, thanks for helping me on my journey. I didn't have a very bright future until I came into rescue and now, all that has changed.
Here is a picture of Jumper & I on date night.

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  1. I have a toy that I love very much too. Snuggle and play toys are very important, even if they don't have eyes anymore.

    Keep letting the people take good care of you and soon you will be able to run and play again! Heal fast, little dog-friend.