Thursday, 24 May 2012

Good News!!

Wow, when Momma says we have a busy day, she ain't foolin'. I have so much to tell you.
First, I am going on vacation! Last night Momma took me to a lady named Shelley's house and she had some really nice dogs there. I visited with them and cuddled with Shelley for awhle. Then Momma told me I was going to go on vacation there. I have an ocean view and there are so many toys!1 I leave tomorrow and I'll be gone 2 weeks :)
Next thing is I went to see my friends at Elk Lake Vet Hospital to get my bandage changed. I got really good news there! I am healing so well, that in one week, I may get my bandage removed :) As much as I love the artwork on them & love seeing my medical team there, I would love to say farewell to this bandage. So, cross your fingers that I keep healing at this rapid rate and this will be my last bandage.
I still have a long row to hoe though, as my fracture has to heal, I need knee surgery, I have to get spayed & I need a dental cleaning. But no bandage is one thing off my "to do" list.
We also went to Petsmart in Langford and I saw my friends there. Mark was out having lunch so I didn't get to see him. Oh well, he'll have to wait until I get back from holidays to see my adorable face.
Here is a picture of my new (and hopefully last) bandage.

I love you guys & I'll see you in two weeks when I'm back from holidays xoxo

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