Tuesday, 22 May 2012

May Long Weekend

Wow, what fun! I met more new friends. Momma's friend Shelley came over from someplace Momma called the Mainland? Anyway, she brought her dog with her! Gypsy is a mini dachshund and was really nice to me. She wanted to play with me, but me, having my big bandage, could only play so much.
Shelley was really nice and took some tartar off my teeth too lol!
Although I have been going to Elk Lake Vet for my leg Momma took me to Sooke Vet for my vaccines and health check. I like them there. I met Dr Deborah and she gave me a complete going over. She said that overall I was in good health. But, my knees are bad (we knew that) and I would need surgery in the future. I need a dental cleaning and I am even missing a tooth! How the heck did that happen? Oh well.
Also, I'm in heat. I don't like it one bit. My old family wanted to use me for breeding but then I broke my leg & they gave me up to a rescue. Momma said it was my lucky break. I'm only 3 pounds and Dr Deborah said she couldn't imagine me having puppies seeing as I was so small.
Also, not being up to date on my own vaccines means I wouldn't have passed any immunities onto my babies. I would have passed on my bad knees however; not a good thing for me to be breeding any babies at all. Ever. Also, with so many of my canine cousins being homeless already, I really don't need make more dogs do I? I can't wait to get spayed. It can't happen til my leg heals though.
Because I am so small Dr Deborah had to use a cat syringe on me when she gave me my vaccines. I hope I don't start to meow now.
So, all in all I had a great long weekend. Shelley & Gypsy went home on Monday and I went to the ferry with them to say good-bye. It was nice to go for a car ride that didn't end in a vet visit.
Here is a picture of me & my new friend Gypsy.

I want to thank everybody for reading my blog. It means alot to me to have such support as I go through my healing process. Everyone has said the nicest thing about me & everyone I meet has been very kind and gentle.
When I met Momma Carol & her pack I had a hunch my life was gonna change, and it did. Thank you.

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