Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Wow! That's what grooming is! I had no clue. I went to Posh Paws Pet Spa and met Liana & Ashley. They are so nice!
Because I have a bandage on my leg they had to use a dry shampoo on me so I wouldn't get it wet. After I was all clean, they started to slowly clip my hair. I hadn't been groomed in a long time (if ever) and my coat was filled with mats. They would have been too painful to brush out, so Liana & Ashley slowly and carefully introduced me to the clippers. I had to get clipped right down to the skin because my coat was so matted. I was scared and a little unsure of what was goiung on, but the ladies were very patient with me, gave me time and a couple of little rests along the way.
Slowly bit by bit, my inner poodle began to emerge & I actually felt really good. Momma was right, I would feel better :)
Momma came to pick me up and she seems really happy to see me. I was happy to see her too, but I was chilly after losing all my hair. She wrapped me up in her coat & took me to the car. Oh, it was so warm in there...she had the heat on extra for me cause she knew I would be cold.
As a treat for being so good, we went to Wiskers & Wags (a local pet store). Momma bought me my very own collar & matching leash, hot pink. The staff there made a big fuss about me & they seemed to really like me too! I'm making so many new friends everywhere I go.
When I got home Momma put a sweater on me to help keep me warm & she even wrapped a heating pad in a towel and put it on my bed for me. I think she loves me. The big white giant (Cracker) seemed happy to see me & sniffed me all over. He seemed to know where I was and I could sense from him, this grooming thing was perfectly normal.
I can certainly tell you, I feel alot better. My skin isn't itchy, my hair (or what is left of it) is neatly combed and out of my eyes.
At the end of the day, Momma and I laid on her bed again, she talked, I listened. She told me she was proud of me. She told me that she knew I had a crappy day, but that grooming was never going to be that bad again. She said that my coat could now grow out properly, that I would go see Liana & Ashley every 4 weeks or so & that they would make sure my coat and skin stayed healthy, free from painful mats & that I would always look my best. Again, she seems trustworthy, so I'll go along with it. This is what I looked like at the end of my grooming day. I look like a Poodle! Hey! I am a Poodle! Yay Me!

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