Monday, 14 May 2012

My Story

In late April of 2012 I was hurt. A family member took me to the vet because I was limping. The Dr examined me & took x-rays. Turns out there was a fracture in my right front leg that is consistant with the type of injury one would get from jumping off the couch.The vet gave me some medication and put a splint on my leg. My xrays were sent to a specialist in Victoria and he said that surgery was a must in order for my leg to heal.
At the time I was well over a year old, I was behind on my vaccines and hadn't been to a groomer in a very long time. None of this is my fault, I depend on my humans to keep me safe & healthy. My family also mentioned to the vet it was their intention to use me for breeding.
Spending money on surgery to repair my leg was not an option for my family, so the Dr asked them if they would surrender me to a rescue that could save my life.
That is how I came into care at Victoria Adoptables
A nice lady named Carol opened her home to me and this is what I looked like when I arrived at her home.

She had other dogs there and all of them were so much bigger than I was. I was scared and I felt alone. Everyone seemed very happy to see me and I could sense from them, my canine cousins, that everything was going to be ok and that my life was about to change.


  1. Muppet you found the right people! They helped me too when I was very small. They loved me and took care of me, and helped me to find people of my very own who would take good care of me. Your new people will be wonderful too! I hope you feel better soon (and don't need to spend too much time at the place called Vet).


    1. Thanks Cobi! I'm new to this bloggomh thing. Is there a way I can suscribe to your posts? Thanks