Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Wow...I have been so busy these last few days! let's see, where to begin?
Well, in the days following my spa day & hair cut, I went out cruisin' with Momma in the car quite a bit. We went to Petsmart where I met Mark the manager & a dog trainer named Wendy. Again, these people were so nice to me. While Momma and I were shopping all kinds of people wanted to say hello to me and pet me. Momma told everyone that I was a recue dog from Victoria Adoptables & about my story of breaking my leg, having surgery & getting groomed. Everyone was so kind and gave me alot of support. Momma bought me a very pretty pink coat to help keep me warm until my hair starts to grow a bit more.
After that I went to Sooke Veterinary Hospital and Momma got something called flea prevention? Yet again, more people were happy to see me & smiled at me, cuddled me & really seemed to care about me. I like these people :)
I got to go see Momma Carol  and her husband Dave too. It was nice dropping in and showing them my new hairdo. It was nice seeing all my dog pals at her house too. I love those guys.
I went to Elk Lake Veterinary Hospital  a couple of times and saw my friends there too! They removed my bandage, did my hydratherapy and a new bandage went on. They seemed very happy to see my new haircut too. They said I don't look like a Muppet anymore, but that's ok, Momma says we should never forget where we came from, so I'm keeping the name :).
A friend of Momma's little girl saw my picture and said my name should be Princess Butterfly, so Momma calls me that quite a bit too. The little girl said my ears looked like a butterfly & I looked like a princess. Momma says butterflies start out as one thing, go through a change and become who they are really meant to be, so Princess Butterfly was a good nickname for me.
Oh, the other big thing that happened was I found this stuff in the yard called pine tar. Do yourself a favour, don't step in this stuff. It will stick all your toes together so it's like you have one giant toe, a rock will get stuck in it and it's very annoying. Then you have to sit quietly while Momma picks the rock out & washes the pine tar away with warm water. Some even had to be clipped out with tiny little scissors.
Here is a picture from my visit at Momma Carol's house. I love posing for pictures :)

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