Sunday, 17 June 2012

Say good-bye to the weekend

I had a great weekend, well mostly great. On Saturday Momma took me out shopping. I only have one coat that fits. And, as I am very small, I have no body fat and I get cold easily. Momma and I went to 3 different stores looking for clothes. Nothing fits, it's all too big.
I had fun at the stores though. Everyone wanted to pet me & talk to me. I met a black dog that seemed like he was scared of me, lol. Me? I mean really, why would anyone be scared of me? Too funny. Momma said maybe he didn't like redheads.
The part I didn't like was trying clothes on. Getting my head shoved through neck holes and my legs being put through holes. Who designs this stuff? Clearly they aren't very good at it. All I need is a velcro thing underneath my belly & one around my neck. Not all the holes, that's just silly. Anyway, enough whining.
When we got home, the Big White Giant was happy to see us & he ran up & down the hall for awhile. He likes to do that when he's really happy. I don't know why.
Sunday was a real lazy day, just lounging around. Momma was doing something she called laundry and housework. I like it, cause I get to sit on her bed and watch as she does the folding. She threw a washcloth on my head and I got it off right away. Then I shook it lots & lots and let her know a washcloth was no match for me.
Momma, Cracker and I sat in the window and watched a deer in the yard today. I know Momma doesn't like them, so I barked at it and it ran away. It feels good to help around the house when I can.
So, I'm learning stuff! I know to come when I am called and I know Sit. I am so happy I have Momma and Cracker to show me the ropes. And I am very grateful to Momma Carol at Victoria Adoptables for saving my life. And thank you to everyone that reads my blog, likes my Facebook page & follows me on Twitter. I couldn't go through this alone.
Here is a picture of the Big White Giant and I having a nap.

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