Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Living & Loving Life

Well, it's been awhile hasn't it? I haven't been doing much though.

Momma was on holidays again, but we didn't go away this time. Instead we stayed home Momma did something called "cleaning from top to bottom". I have no clue what this was all about, I just know that it really bugged me. I would get comfy somewhere & she would make me move. Doesn't she know who I think I am?
We had a dog stay here overnight for a sleepover. Her name was Honey, but now it is Charlee. She went to live with my friend Miss G. I'm so happy for everybody in that story. Miss G has a dog of her own, Charlee has a family of her own...It a win/win!
Cracker has been ok.
Now, I have really big news! Are you ready? I got a job!!!! Yup, I sure did! I am working in the Community Relations Department of Victoria Adoptables. I'm the official dog blogger. I'm going to talk about alll kinds of things like responsible pet management, health, training, diet etc. I'll also keep everyone informed of upcoming fundraising events and give updates on past adoptions. I'm very excited. So in order to help with my new position I have been set up with an email address muppetrescue@shaw.ca is where you can find me. As well as my two Facebook pages Muppet Rescue and Ask Muppet.
I'll still be here though..I just have too much to say haha

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  1. Wow, congratulations Muppet! I know you will be most excellent at this job.