Friday, 22 March 2013

New Things

OMG!!! So many new things to talk about! First of all, is St Patrick's Day. Momma says everyone is Irish on March 17 of every year and we have to wear green. I had a Spa appointment so my stylist put green feathers on my ears & I had a badge that said 'Kiss Me I'm Irish" (but, really I'm not, Poodles come from Germany). And I wore my pretty jade collar that day too.

Then, the other new thing is that I have two new foster sisters. Their names are Betty White & Jennifer Lopez. They came up on a charter from California and are staying here until they get new families. Betty White has one already, but they aren't picking her up for a few weeks. Aren't they cute?

Betty really needed alot of work from the Glam Squad. Here she is after her makeover was complete.

JLo was pretty much ready to go when she arrived, she only had to go see the vet one time for a small visit. She's pretty cute too isn't she?

She really likes to cuddle & her & Cracker wrestle all the time.

Then the other thing was we had a big storm. There was lots of wind and although all of us barked at the wind several times it would not go away. It broke branches off trees and then it blew the power lines down and we had no electricity!
Well, no power means no furnace and it got a little chilly. I'm really glad I have a fur coat.
Because it was so cold Momma let all of us sleep in her bed with her. I only had little naps on there before, never got to stay all night and certainly was never under the covers before. It was kinda fun, The next morning there was snow on the ground. I don't like snow. The power came back on and everything was back to normal. This is me wrapped up in a blanket to stay warm lol.

Oh yeah....when Momma went out, we helped with a little re-decorating. What do you think?

Momma said it looked like the toy section of the store exploded in our living room. I don't care what she says, I think it looks great!


  1. Glad Betty and JLo are with you, they're both almost as cute as you! The redecorating looks awesome. :)

  2. Great dog photos! Can you email me when you get a chance? I've got a question for you.

  3. Dear Muppet,

    That is ME with the ice cream, you are right! (Mmm, ice cream. I would like some, please.) My person knew that Carol was working with Penny, but did not know that VADR was merging into VHS, so that is good information to have! I will always be a Victoria Adoptables Dog, but I know VHS is going to be able to help even more Dogs. Hurray!