Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Bye Bye Barney

So, a couple of nights ago Momma put us all on the bed. I know what this means; we are having a family meeting. She always says, "We're gonna have a little chat". But it always turns into her talking and we listen.
She told us Barney would be leaving the next day. If you don't know Barney is a foster dog that came to live here when his owner passed away. He was here for 2 months until a new owner decided that Barney should live with him. Momma told us not to be sad, that it is a good thing that Barney is leaving and going to his own home.
We are a foster family for Victoria Adoptables. That means that dogs that have nowhere to go can come & live here until a new family adopts them. I was a foster dog & so was The Big White Giant (although, Momma didn't foster him, somebody else did). People always ask Momma "Ohhh, how can you give them up"? Momma says it's actually really easy because she knows they are going to good homes and that they will be loved. We are just a stepping stone in their lives. Momma says she wants to help lots of dogs while she is here on Earth, so if she kept them all, it would be too much. This way, we can help many, many more if we foster.
Anyway, Barney went to live with a really nice man that had no dog at all. He will really like being the only dog.

Bye Bye Barney :)

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  1. Bye Barney! Good luck with your new person - I'm sure it will be a wonderful relationship!