Saturday, 20 October 2012

Night School

Well, as you all know I was having some trouble finding a job. So, after much thought and reflection I had to admit that I had no skills. So, what do people do when they need skills? They go to school. So that is what I did.
Momma signed me up for some classes at Smart Dog Training. My teachers name was Sherry and she was very smart and nice. She knew lots of stuff about how dogs learn and how to keep us focused. School was fun and I liked going.

I tried to be a good student & I studied very hard.

This is me doing "Sit".

This is me doing "Stay".

This is me doing "Down" (I really don't like doing this one).

This is me doing "Come".

Here I am at Graduation in my cap & gown.

School was alot of fun and Momma and I had a really good time. There were other dogs there, so I learned how to behave better in groups of people and dogs. Momma says that although I am very small I still have to have all the manners that big dogs do. She knows that she can take me anywhere & I will behave like a lady. That's rule number two you know. I must always behave like a lady :)
So I learned a whole bunch of stuff. Aside from the obedience stuff, I learned that education is important. I learned that it's ok to be different, we are all dogs, big or small and we should all get along. I learned that sometimes people have trouble with training their dogs & that's ok. Just find a nice lady (or man) like Sherry and they will help you. Most importantly I learned that a trained dog, is a free dog.


  1. Well done Muppet. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Big Woofs to you Muppet! I like the person named Trainer too! Not only is she nice, and patient, but she always smells like yummy food too!

    Oh, my person has a message for your person. She says to tell you that she took a nice photo of you at this thing called "graduation". It was supposed to live on something called the Facebook page, but it got lost somehow. She will put it there tonight, as long as that's okay with your person.

    Congratulations again!