Monday, 1 October 2012

Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For...

So Momma could not find any Poodle Thumbs so I had to keep looking for work. I would like to report that my search for a job has finally paid off. Sadly, it has not. I got very excited and hopeful when I got a job at the vet clinic. I mean, who better to work at a clinic than me? I certainly have spent enough time at one. So, I went in and scrubbed for surgery.

It was very difficult putting the surgical scrubs on. But I eventually got it right. I stepped into the OR & I was ready to perform surgery on Elmo. He had a tummy problem.

But alas, I could not do it. I was told I could not do surgery because I was wearing nail polish. Have you ever heard of that before? Ridiculous!

So then I decided if I could not do surgery perhaps I could still work with animals someplace else. So, I went to learn how to be a Carriage Horse Operator. Here I am with my trainer Megan & Bud the horse.

Then before we even left the curb Bud pooped. It was so gross. Megan didn't seem to mind at all, but there is no way I can watch that. I think I'm still traumatized. She held me close & tried to calm my fears. It helped a little bit, but I cannot be a Carriage Horse Operator. Yuck!

The search continues...


  1. Do not take off your nail polish for a job!! :)

  2. Oh Muppet you would have done brilliant surgery on Elmo but for the nail pawlish and as for Bud well we don't blame you but alot of us might like a roll in it. What next pal? Pop over and join our spooky fun. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh, Muppet, you remind me of my red mini poodle, Rusty, who lived a happy, healthy 17.5 years. Rusty spent many years in University with me, studying Physics, Math, and English, and then a few more years studying Engineering. It seemed to pay off for him, as he managed to always have tasty food, a good house, and a lovely harness, leash, and sweaters for outings. Maybe it's time to consider going back to school? In my experience poodles have the smarts to do well in any undergraduate, graduate, or professional program!

  4. Dear Muppet,

    My person thinks perhaps you should be a pet therapy dog. You could cheer up people who are sad or who don't feel very well.

    But I think you should be a surgeon. With your little paws you could do very delicate work!