Thursday, 20 September 2012

I cannot be a painter :(

Well, that was a total bust. I cannot be a painter. I fought and fought all morning, but could not open the paint can.

Then I tried again after lunch.

Eventually I gave up

Then I went to work as a TV rep at the hospital.

That wasn't any fun at all. Turns out that I cannot read, so I got all the patients confused. And, I have no thumbs so I cannot use the remote control to change channels. I tried using my nose, but it didn't work.

So, I left that job too.

Momma says she does not know where to buy Poodle Thumbs...It would really make my life easier if I had some. Do you know where to get them?


  1. Fur-end, on Saturday I am gonna show you how I was a painter for a day! You don't want thumbs, then they will make you do all sorts of stuff that you really don't want to!

  2. Ditto Finn. Muppet just stay being a beautiful adornment , don't get thumbs, lord knows what your peeps will make you do , washing up ,laundry , cleaning and the dreaded vacula.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Dear Muppet,

    That is what your people are for - opposable thumbs. You don't have your person wrapped around your furry paw yet?

    Although, I hear you are in Dog school with the person called Trainer. Perhaps she can help you learn how to do the paint cans?


  4. PS You don't want paint in your fur though. I've had it and it's no good. It itches and pulls and smells yucky. So maybe the paint cans aren't such a good idea...

  5. PPS When my person came home today I could smell you on her fingers. And also something tasty and smooth.

    How did this happen? And why did I not get to lick the yummy stuff?