Sunday, 2 September 2012

What A Week!

Well, let me tell you, I had a busy week. Some stuff was fun, some stuff was not fun.
Cracker has an ear infection, so he is a little grumpy. So grumpy in fact that he got mad cause I was playing with my ball and he wrecked it. That was not fun.

Momma took him to see the Dr and he got some medicine. He really hates it when Momma puts it in his ear. I really hate it when he wrecks my stuff. Fair is fair.
Then I went to see a different groomer. Her name is Deanna and she works at The Dog Bone. She gave Cracker and I a little tidy up, cause we were going to get our pictures taken. She was really nice. I had met her before, but she had never groomed me. I like her & so does Momma. That was fun.
We went to see my friend Ken from ZuluDog K9 Services. I first met Ken at Pet-A-Palooza and he took my picture. He does all kinds of cool stuff, K9 Massages, dog walks & he does pet photography. This time we went to his studio with Cracker and he took pictures of both of us. He sent Momma over 100 shots and she has been looking at them non stop. She just can't get enough of us. Here is one of the shots he took of me.

Getting my picture taken was fun.

Now, as you may remember, I operate a backhoe. I was working away this week and some man came along and asked me why I wasn't wearing steel toed boots and a hard hat. He said if I do not wear these things, I cannot operate my backhoe anymore. So, I will have to find a hard hat and steel toes. Him telling me that was not fun.

Well, that's my big week. Now, I'm off to find steel toed boots and a hard hat. If I wanna keep my job I have to wear these things. Safety First!!


  1. Dear Muppet,

    First of all, you FETCH? My person is very impressed.

    Second of all, it is very sad when a Dog's things get wrecked. Perhaps if you go back down to my Beach the stinky-fuzzy-broken-Ball will still be there? It smelled amazing...

    Third, you look like a much bigger Dog in your glamorous photo. It's a very lovely picture.

    I hope you have another Ball to play with. And another back hoe.


  2. Dear Muppet
    You are stunning to put it mildly and we love your pix. Jacobi sent us over and we are pleased to meet you. We didn't find a join us button on your page so have tried to follow you via our dashboard. Hope it works.
    Best wishes Molly