Sunday, 2 September 2012

I guess I'm growing up

I usually sleep in my crate. I got in the habit when I had my broken leg. Momma shuts off all the lights etc & grabs us all a treat. I run into my crate and wait for mine. She gives it to me & closes the door. I like it in there, it's cozy & warm and I can drift off to Lala Land dreaming the night away.
Last night when Momma shut off all the lights & grabbed our treats I was asleep on my bed in her office. She came in and asked me if I was going to bed. I chose to stay where I was. She gave me my treat, shut off the light and left. She told me if I wanted to, I knew where my crate was & I could go there later.
Well, I stayed in the office all night. Momma woke me up this morning when her, Barney & Cracker got up. I feel so grown up now. Not so much like a puppy. Momma says my crate will always be there for me, open,  if I want to go in there I can, but I can sleep wherever I want from now on (except her bed). Momma says I am too little to sleep on the bed with her and Cracker. That's ok though, she seems to know what she's talking about.

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  1. Oh wow, first night without a crate! That's a big deal!! You are too cute and I just love your name!