Sunday, 16 September 2012

Life Ain't Easy On The Unemployment Line.

Well, let me tell's been a whirlwind of a week.
First of all, as you know, I lost my job as a backhoe operator last week cause The Man didn't like my hard hat or steel toes. So I went for a job interview at PetSmart.

I did very well in my interview and got the job! I was so excited I packed my lunch and put my shoes by the door the night before.

But, turns out I do not know how to count money, so my job at PetSmart did not work out.

Then I got a job at a place where they weigh gravel trucks as they come in & out of the yard. I paid very close attention to my trainer.

But, there is dirt & gravel there, all the boys were always flirting with me & I couldn't get my work done. So I quit my job there.

Now, I am going to be painter. It's quiet and I can work alone so I can get my job done. It will also give me a chance to let my creative juices flow! Cross your toes, maybe I have found my niche in life :)


  1. Wrong job you need to be top model at Vogue. just go and pose and it is in the bag. Have a lovely Sunday and do pop over and say hello to our dear little rescue guest blogger Reuben.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Bummer! I agree with Moly though!! Sometimes I help my Pops with painting too and it soo much fun!