Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Momma Is Sad

Momma is sad tonight. She read a story about a dog that had a really bad life. He is only 1 1/2 (same age as me) and he never had a real family. The people that were in his life kicked him. They tied him up and kids threw rocks at him. This was his collar. He flinches and cowers when you reach down to pet him.

Momma Carol from Victoria Adoptables heard about him and went and rescued him today. She brought him to a foster home where he will be safe, warm & dry. He'll get yummy food and love and have his very own Doctor. The Glam Squad will move in a he'll get a makeover.
His foster home will teach him that not all people are mean. They will teach him to love & trust and to wag his tail. He will get treats and get to go for rides in the car. He will get to go to the beach too.
I hope to meet him one day. I would tell him not to be afraid, not to worry. It's all gonna be ok now. Somebody told me that & they were right.
I know I have a lot of people reading my blog. I would like to ask that you please do what you can in your community. Foster homes are desperately needed by every shelter & every rescue. Please find out where you can help in your community.
The Holiday Season is coming and everyone should have a home for the Holidays, so a foster home is a great thing to offer a homeless animal. If you cannot foster, please find out what you can donate. Blankets, towels, food, treats, toys and money is always needed.
Even if you just drop by your local Shelter and take a dog for a walk, or spend some time cuddling one, or just brush his hair. If you have any training experince at all, just teaching a dog to sit and take a treat nicely will go a long way in helping him find a home.
That is all. Thank you.


  1. Muppet we hope it all works out OK. How awful some peeps are. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Your Momma should be happy that Carol was able to rescue him and take care of him. Hope the bad people were reported, karma will come around in any case. Thanks to you and Carol for helping the dogs!