Saturday, 17 November 2012

Other News

And in other news, Hershey & Latte were adopted. Latte went to live with a very nice retired couple that live in Victoria by the water. And Hershey went to live very close to me with a nice lady that has 2 Shitzus, so she'll have some nice dogs to run and play with. Yay Hershey & Latte!!

People often ask Momma if my leg is healed and if I have full use of it. Well, this should give you the answer. WARNING: I tend to get a little barky when I'm excited.

Next weekend I am going to volunteer my time with Pet Pics For Santa. It is a fundraiser for Victoria Adoptables and you can bring your pets to get their picture taken with Santa. Even if you don't have pets, you can still come & you can get your picture taken. You can even get your picture with me if you want to (providing I'm there when you are). Momma bought me a pretty dress to wear :) We will be at Pets West on Saturday November 24 & Sunday November 25 from 11 AM - 4 PM. I will be there Saturday. You can click here to get directions.

Winter is on it's way. It gets dark out very early & the last time I went to the beach, it was cold and windy. Lots of leaves fell of the trees and I don't see many rabbits in the yard anymore. Just a squirrel today. He saw me and started squawking at me. He thought I was going to steal his winter stash of food. No thanks, Momma gives me better food than what you have Mr. Squirrel.

Halloween was fun. Cracker & I were Zombies. In truth, I had many costumes. You can see them on my Facebook Page.

I've been trying to help around the house a bit more too. I was trying to help Momma fold laundry, but still don't have any thumbs.

So, I tried to help by cleaning out Momma's purse. Ok, all I really was doing was looking for dog treats.

Oh well, at least I keep the floors clean.

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