Monday, 26 November 2012

My Dog Shadow

Today we went to the beach. I was getting stalked there. There was this grey dog there and it was following me everywhere. Not only was it following me, it was copying everything I did.
I would smell the ground, that dog would smell the ground. I would run, that dog would run, I would sit, that dog would sit. It followed me nearly everywhere I went. The only time it would disappear is when I went behind a tree or something. Can you see it?

Momma said "There is no other is your shadow". I don't believe her..."It's right there Momma. Why can't you see the other dog?"

I asked Cracker to help...this was his response. I don't think he cares at all. He just wants to look for stinky dead things to roll in.

Eek, look how big the grey dog is now!

I don't know what to do! Cracker doesn't care, Momma doesn't seem to care. She just keeps taking her picture. Maybe she's my dog? That must be it! Now I get it! I have a dog of my very own & her name is Shadow! Yay me!!

This is what it looked like at my beach today. Pretty good for Canada in late November...I didn't even need my jacket on, it was that warm. :)

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  1. Dear Muppet,

    We live in the most amazing place in the world...

    I have a Dog named Shadow too. Pretty cool, eh?


    Pee Ess I hear you met the man named Santa. My person had to work so I didn't get to meet him. Was he nice? I'm a little worried that he might be creepy, what with the fact that he watches us ALL THE TIME to see if we're being Good or not. What did you think? Was he okay?