Sunday, 25 November 2012


Well, as most of you know, in between trips to the Spa and the pet store and being a social butterfly I work hard in the PR department of Victoria Adoptables.
This past weekend I volunteered as a greeter at Pet Pics With Santa. I got to meet many people, dogs, cats & even a ferret. There were lots of kids there and everyone loved me.
Cracker went too and we got lots of treats.  We got to have our pictures taken with Santa.

I met a dog named Mila there. She has a fractured leg & just like me has to stay still and calm while her leg heals. She has been on bedrest for weeks, but got to come & see Santa for a short visit. I chatted with her & told her to hang in there. I let her know it was going to get so much better very, very soon. This is her. She was giving sweet kisses to Santa :)

Later, I had a very serious conversation with Santa. I wanted to make sure he knew just how very good I was this year & I asked him to bring me toys and treats and bones and a trip to the Spa. And I told him Cracker wanted a lump of coal.

He seemed to really understand how hard it is for a girl like me to live with a smelly boy. I love Santa!

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