Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mr. October

Well, you all know by now that I live with another dog. He is a Bichon/Shitzu cross & his name is Cracker. I mostly call him the Big White Giant though. He is so much bigger than me, he weighs 16 pounds. I think he has emotional issues and that is why he had to grow so big.
Cracker came to live with Momma a long time ago, (like 28 dog years ago or something). He needed a home cause his other Momma got really sick and went to a place Cracker could not go to. He was a foster dog at somebody's home and Momma was looking for another dog after her dog went to Heaven. She would check the Victoria Adoptables website every morning. She knew what kind of dog she was looking for, she just had to be patient and wait. Then, one morning....there he was.
She sent her application right away and then a girl named Laura came over to meet with Momma. They talked for a little while and then she went away. A few days later Momma went to meet Cracker.
She asked if he liked to ride in the car (cause we do lots of that), if he was kind to other animals and other questions that were important to Momma. Momma Carol asked my Momma lots of questions too, she wanted to make sure Cracker would be getting a good home.
It seemed like he was the perfect dog for her lifestyle and  Momma knew he was the dog she was meant to have. He left his foster home that day & has been living with Momma ever since.
Cracker is actually really easy to get along with & he is a very good teacher. He has taught me so much already. He taught me how to chase deer & rabbits, chase balls, chew on bones, play tug-o-war (he lets me win sometimes) and how to behave at the groomer. He tried to teach me how to disguise my scent by rolling in stinky dead things. However, I have no problem with my scent, so don't feel the need to change it. I want no part of dead or stinky. He shares his toys, his beds, his car, his life & his Momma with me. He is my best friend.
When I was scared and homeless I showed up here with my busted up leg he took me into his home. I'm sure there were days he didn't want me here. and I'm sure he didn't like sharing his Momma with me cause I took so much of her time while I got better, but he never let it show. He was always kind and patient with me. And he is just as kind and patient with every other foster dog that comes through the door.

Momma was going to take his picture for this blog post, but I photobombed it. It still is my blog afterall.

Anyway, in the spring before I came to live here, he had his picture taken for a calendar. The calendar is going to be used for a fundraiser for Victoria Adoptables. He is Mr October. If you would like to purchase one, please send me a private message on my Facebook Page & I'll make sure my Momma gets in touch with you.
The money raised from this calendar will help homeless dogs find new homes. We really appreciate your help, cause without people like you, Cracker & I would not have success stories to tell. Thank you so much :)

Hey!! How'd that get in here?? Oh well, he deserves a moment in the sun too. Love you Cracker! Even if you are a Big White Giant xoxo


  1. Have a super Sunday Muppet.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Dear Muppet,

    I'm glad you and Cracker found each other - he's a good big brother!


  3. Dear Muppet,

    In my opinion, whomever has the Meat is the boss. The humans have the thumbs, so they often have the Meat. So yeah, I guess they're often the boss...