Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy Tuesday :)

Well, not much has been going on. My weekend was kinda boring, kinda fun. Momma went to a dog show on Saturday & I could not go. Why do they call it a dog show if dogs can't go? So I laid around on my bed, slept and talked to Cracker. He couldn't go either. When I got bored talking to him, I went and talked to Mike The Parrot. At least he talks back to me.
But, on Sunday I had so much fun! Momma took me to someplace downtown and there were lots of people and dogs there. Now, that's what I call a dog show! There were no dogs there smaller than me, but some were close to my size. There was one really big dog there that weighed 160 pounds lol...he was so nice.
Momma told people about me and the story of my broken leg. She told them about Victoria Adoptables and the hard work everyone there did to save my life. Everyone seemed so interested in me so she told everyone about my Facebook Page too. Now they can follow along on my adventures.
Lots of people took pictures of me and I even got my picture taken by a professional photographer from ZuluDog K9 Services. He was so nice & very patient with me, making sure I was comfortable and happy before he took my picture. I'll show them to you as soon as Momma gets them back.
I saw my vet there too! Did you know there is a mobile vet in Victoria? There is also a mobile groomer. Momma and I learned a lot from going there. My favourite part? Well, meeting all the people and their pets of course! Oh, and giving kisses to people. I am very kissy. Momma bought me some new collars too. Except she had to get something called bracelets, they don't make dog collars small enough for me :(
Oh, and I have surgery tomorrow. I have to have a little problem fixed in my bum. They going to remove parts that don't work. Sheesh, first a useless uterus, now these gland thingies...why do they put these parts in us, if we only have to get them removed?
Oh well, mine is not to question why. Mine is to love and be loved. Be adorable & adoring.
One more thing...I had to have a special haircut before my surgery tomorrow. Seems my front legs and bum were going to be shaved so Momma had Ashely & Liana do it instead of my Dr. I guess Doctoring is their specialty and they would have given me a "non-fashionable" look. Here is my pre-surgical hair style. It will be my last short haircut of the summer. Momma says summer is almost over and I will need longer hair to keep me warm in the winter.

Momma says this is called a Continental Clip. I think when this clip is given to humans it's called a Brazilian.

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