Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Best News Ever!!

Wow! Momma told me the best news ever. First, I'll tell you what I already knew from yesterday.
Well, I went to see Dr Stacey yesterday. He is the Dr that was taking care of me when my leg was broken. Dr Sukhiani did the surgery, but Dr. Stacey was the one in charge of all my aftercare.
For those that didn't know, I had an accident in late April & broke my leg. It was my right front leg and I broke both bones, right above the wrist. I had to have surgery; a steel plate and 6 screws were put in my leg.

From there a pressure sore developed on my paw and I had to go for hydratherapy and bandage changes once a week for several weeks.

Eventually Dr. Stacey said that I no longer needed a bandage and that could come and see him in a few months. So, I laid around and allowed my leg to heal.

As I got stronger Momma took me to to the beach, shopping and out to meet people and other dogs. Cracker showed me how to chase rabbits and held on to stuff while I played tug of war with him. He let me win every single time.

I got used to grooming, tried ice cream and learned how to sneak caterpillars into the house without getting caught. I went on vacation. I met new veterinarians that vaccinated me, and I got spayed. It was a great summer.

Anyway, as I said, I went to see Dr Stacey yesterday. Momma was sure my leg was healed because I spend so much of my time running around, chasing Cracker, toys and everything else that moves, but she wanted to hear it from him. They took X-rays of my leg and he said that my leg was healed. He said there was solid bone all the way down & that I was OFFICIALLY DISCHARGED!! Can you believe it? I was so happy I was dancing around in circles. Momma was happy and Dr Stacey was happy and all the staff at the clinic were smiling and happy for me too. Momma asked him for a picture with me and he said it was ok.

I really love that guy!

Ok, so this is what I didn't know. Momma stopped at PetSmart yesterday. None of my friends were there, but I made some new ones :) She got us more food and I tried on some silly glasses and played around for a bit.

After that, Momma picked out a name tag. It was pink with diamonds (I know they're real). She had it engraved. I was wondering who it was for. There were no other foster dogs at home and Cracker and I already have one. When we got home Momma took my collar off and took my name tag off it. Then she put the new name tag on it. I was so confused.

After supper Momma, Cracker and I all laid on her bed together. She said we were going to have a talk. Well, she talked we listened. She told me that I was all healed, vaccinated, groomed and spayed. She said my Glam Squad Makeover was complete. Oh! I know what this means, it means a family is going to come get me and I would go live with them forever.
But, she told me that no family was coming to take me home.  She told me the new name tag had her phone number on it and my name. She told me that I was already home & that I would live with her and Cracker forever. How exciting is that? I already love it here, so I think it's just perfect :) Momma and Cracker are my family!

Thank you once again to all of the veterinarians and their staff that have helped me. Thank you to all the people I have met, in person & on the internet. You gave me encouragement, donated to my medical costs & wished good things for me. Thank you to everyone that reads my blog, follows me on Facebook and on Twitter. Thank you to all the pet store staff that have been supportive and kind to me. Thank you to Liana & Ashley for taking such good care of my grooming needs (I'll miss you guys). And of course the biggest thank you of all goes to Momma Carol of Victoria Adoptables. Without her hard work and commitment to me I would not be alive. Somehow she found the funds to pay for all of my medical expenses, and there have been many. Thank to Auntie Shelley who took me on vacation and to the kind lady who brought me to Momma Carol after I was hurt (I know her name, I just don't know if she wants it on the internet).

Now, just cause I'm no longer a foster dog, please don't think I'm gonna go all Hollywood and leave all of you behind. I'm still going to be on Facebook, Twitter and writing this blog. I'm going to make personal appearances for Victoria Adoptables and help with fundraising when I can.
Momma will let you know where I'll be and when & hopefully you can drop by and and give me a little scratch under my chin (I like that).

This is me wearing my new name tag. See you soon xoxo

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  1. Dear Muppet,

    That is the BEST NEWS EVER! Congratulations - your person is very lucky to have you! And I know you know that you're lucky to have her too!

    Your new name tag is glamorous. You look so proud! And so you should be, as you're now part of a real family.

    Licks and excited wags,