Sunday, 26 August 2012

What a great weekend :)

Well, let me tell you this could be the best weekend ever! On Friday night I went to a hockey game! The Victoria Grizzlies did an amazing fundraiser for us. They had their first exhibition game of the season & entrance to the game was by donation. They raised a total of $933.92 for Victoria Adoptables. How cool is that?

Here I am enjoying the game...which might add ended in in a 4-4 tie. We were behind 3-0, but rallied back and scored 3 quick ones to tie the game. The Cowichan Capitals scored again & we tied it late in the 3rd. It was a great night for hockey. They are playing in Sooke next weekend. Momma said we might go, just to show our support for a great team, cause we live in Sooke & well, cause we're Canadian & going to hockey games is what we do.

On Saturday we went to see my friend Dr Stacey. I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to go to a vet clinic and not have anything poked, palpated, injected or removed. Hooray for my team!!
He used to work at Elk Lake Vet but is now at The Dean Park Pet Hospital . Because he is working there now, they had a party for him to celebrate.
He was in charge of my aftercare when I had my broken leg. I'll never forget everything he did for me. Being a vet is not always an easy job, filled with lots of sadness I'm sure. I hope if he gets sad, he thinks about me & the difference he made in my life. He was a big part of my Glam Squad Makeover :)

Here is a picture of him with me & my friend Max. Max also had to get help from Dr. Stacey.

Do you see how happy Dr Stacey is? I'm sure it has something to do with me (and Max too of course).

Tomorrow is Sunday & Momma says I'm going to have a lazy day at home. Her and The Big White Giant are going somewhere. I don't know where. But Momma says he needs some Momma time too, it's not all about me. Pfft, how crazy is that? Oh well, I'll just stay home and talk to Mike the Parrot.
Have a good day everyone xoxo

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  1. Dear Muppet,

    I'm sure all the People smile when they get to hold you. You are so very cute!