Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Something Serious

I always try to be positive and upbeat here. I try to give only love and to keep things lighthearted. But, today I have to share something very serious with you.
As you all know, I was spayed a little while ago. It's something that I am very happy about. I love everyone of my canine cousins, even those that I have not met.
But, the sad fact is that there are more dogs than there are homes. A quick search on Petfinder.com while writing this, told me there were 627 dogs in BC looking for a home. Add that to the 100's more that are in Shelters, pounds, sitting in foster homes and posted other websites and we are well into the 1000's of homeless dogs.
Just in the last week, Saskatoon SPCA had to move dogs to Edmonton because they were full. At the middle of July there were 710 animals in care at the Calgary Humane Society. This story is repeated at every Shelter in this country every day.
Please don't bring any more pets into this world until all my friends have homes. Don't get your pets from online sites or pet stores thinking "well this one is already born", "I'm rescuing a dog". This is not true. What happens is that the person that bred that litter will do it again thinking "I found homes for the last ones".
If you are looking for a dog, please start with local shelters and rescue groups. If you are set on a purebred, look at breed rescues. And, yes you can get puppies through rescues and shelters. If you do buy from a breeder, please remember this:
Reputable breeders DO NOT sell their puppies in stores. Reputable breeders DO NOT breed their bitches over and over and over. Reputable breeders will always ask for a non-breeding contract from you. Reputable breeders only breed the best of the best. Reputable breeders always screen the sires and dams for health problems before they breed and show you proof that the animal is healthy. If they do not offer a health certificate, ask for one.  If they cannot produce one, find a breeder that can.
I understand that many of you are used to my lighthearted silly side when you come here. However, spaying and neutering is something I feel very strongly about. I do not want to see any of my friends die because they were homeless.
Momma says if you can, adopt. If you cannot adopt, foster. If you cannot foster, donate. If you cannot donate, volunteer. If you cannot volunteer, speak. I'm lucky, I have my Momma to speak for me, but my friends need somebody to speak for them.
That is all. Now we will get back to our regularly scheduled silliness. Thank you for reading this & thank you for helping.

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