Thursday, 2 August 2012

I Did It! I Did It!

I'm so excited! Remember back when my leg was still sore and I said I would like to chase a rabbit one day? Well, today I chased a rabbit! It was so much fun. Momma says I am a great hunter.
When I first saw him, he was running out from under the deck. I think he was hiding there cause he knew I was outside.
But, I spied him and then he saw me and I barked, Then he ran. And I ran. And I ran really fast. He got away but I'm sure he'll never, ever come back. He better tell all his rabbit friends to stay away from here too. For I am The Princess Butterfly and I will protect my home from all intruders.

That is me chasing the rabbit. The Big White Giant was trying to pick up his trail. We are a team.

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